Bipolar or Crazy

This contest is Madonna vs. Britney Spears

To vote for you who think is Bipolar or just plain Crazy.
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Call (206) 666 - 1974 to leave voice feedback to be added to the show.

Britaney Spears VS Madonna (Bipolar or Crazy) you decide

Bipolar podcast is looking for a few good bipolars

Brand new podcast (Musings of a Manic Blonde: The 411 on Bipolar disorder) is looking for contributors to add to podcast. What’s needed: people who are willing to be interviewed and/or participate in the forums as well as people who would like to write articles for the site. We’re looking for first person accounts not only from people living with bipolar but also those who live with us. Those who contribute to podcast do not have to give their names. We will respect your right to privacy. Getting the real story of bipolar out is necessary so that we can start shattering the stereotype. If interested, please email at and/or leave feedback voice mail at (206) 666 – 1974. For more information check out

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